AWS re:Invent 2022

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aws re:Invent2022

I want to talk about my first re:Invent experience, for more information

I want to share my experiences on 4 different topics. The first one is a short intro about re:Invent those who don’t know about that. The second one is about re:Invent, and the third one is for upcoming participants, sessions, hotels, accommodation et cetera. Because if you did not see before Vegas, this topic might be necessary to you. And the last one about foods, (hallelujah), if you are a food lover, probably you can like this topic. Let’s start.

What is re:Invent

AWS re:Invent is a big event where people who work with Amazon Web Services (AWS) come together to share ideas and learn about new things. The event has speeches from important people, classes to learn new skills, and time to talk with other people who work with AWS.

Going to AWS re:Invent is a good idea for anyone who wants to learn more about using AWS to make their business better. There are many different things to learn about and you can talk to people who have a lot of experience with AWS.

My re:Invent Experience

aws welcome lounge

In late November, AWS organised the 11th re-invent in Las Vegas. It was exciting for me. Because it was my first attend. I am a certified solution architect and I am working on AWS for around 6 years. So it was a very good experience for me.

I talked about the above topic, re:Invent is a really good idea for anyone who wants to learn about cloud systems, AWS products, new startups and other big cloud companies. Before going to the event, I prepared my session list, because over fifty thousand people attend this event and these events proceed in six different locations and more than two thousand sessions. But it is not too much for fifty thousand people. When session booking started, popular sessions run out. You should be prepared before starting.

I planned my sessions around 20 days ago.

re:Invent schedule

I chose my domain and interest areas, for example, monitoring, serverless architecture, machine learning and networking.

Besides these, there are a lot of meeting points, an Expo, some fun attractions and after-parties* (hidden).

First and second days of the event I attended my booked sessions. It was very tiring but I definitely liked it. Different people mean different things, which that means, I learnt a lot of different perspectives from different people. In my spare time, I set in the certified room and conversed with people. In the next few days, I tried to attend my booked sessions, but sometimes I chose other events, Expo is a good idea for meeting new startups. Generally, sessions end after 7 p.m. After 7 p.m a lot of companies organize parties some private pubs/restaurants.

I also visited some AWS stands in my spare time. For example masterpieces.

masterpiece aws

this application has AWS ML and AWS Lambda-based architecture, when it’s photographed job processing randomly selects masterpieces and generated them synchronously.

Also, another project is rap battle working on AWS ML background, simultaneously two different AI generate ‘distortion’ words orderly.

I also attended IPv6 and Monitoring workshops. Workshops are a good idea for problem resolution and understanding because technical AWS guys are here.

My best session is Demystifying VPC IP Addressing by Du’An Lightfoot, Du’An is a very friendly and listening guy, and I like him’s reactions. About this session, We had a little problem with the IP address Manager, and I shared him directly and he said he would take care of this issue.

As a result, in my opinion, every developer/DevOps or IT-related person must attend at least one time this event.

Guide For Next Attendees

If you want to attend the next re:Invent probably this short guide help your plan.

First of all, if you have never seen before Las Vegas, it is very big.

1- Accommodation is important but you know Las Vegas. AWS re:Invent central generally Venetian Hotel. For example, Venetian and Caesars Palace are opposite, but access is around 25 minutes by walking. I stayed at Treasure Island, across from the Venetian Hotel. Cheaper than other hotels in the area, and also close to the Venetian. I shared the last event venue map.

re:Invent venue map

2- I wrote about meals below this topic. I just want to say about this title, generally, AWS prepares breakfast and lunch from the second day to before the last day basement to Venetian Hotel.

3- Night Life is branded nightlife probably, I came from London, and I like London’s nightlife, but if you like gent clubs Vegas has good options. Also in the event period, a lot of companies organise parties, you can track and book at

Short Guide For Food Lovers

I like food, this is another big topic. Also, I like world cuisine. I was wondering about tacos and slow-cooked pork ribs before visit. I tried slow-cooked pork ribs at Virgil’s Real BBQ. Delicious, and juicy and the BBQ sauce is amazing.

Virgil’s BBQ

Also, I tried the beef and slow-cooked pork rib burger at Gilley’s Restaurant. It’s delicious, big and satisfying.

Gilley’s Restaurant

I came from London, so I know Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants, but if you never tried before, you can visit Hell’s Kitchen for Beef Wellington.

The last one is Taco. I tried Taco in Senior Frogs, (Treasure Island), and it was also amazing.





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